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Talently collects your on-chain and off-chain data in one fantastic overview. Just add a bio, some contact details and you are ready to roll.

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Your wallet address holds your digital identity. Claim your profile and let recruiters, startups, and companies explore your profile.

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Discover and connect with the people you are looking for — let the right people know you are open to working. Get discovered based on your skills and experience.

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Get matched with jobs worldwide locations based on your areas of work. Find the right opportunities you dream about through Talently.

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Talently's web3 profiles showcase your digital achievements and contributions.

Even more reasons to choose talently

Multi-wallet Profile

Most web3 developers are using different wallet addresses for different works like deploying smart contracts for various organizations. Gather all of them in a single view for easier browsing.

Lens & Farcaster Integration

View talent's Lens or Farcaster connections and discover people with similar interests as you. Posts

Your published writings from Mirror is part of your profile for showcasing.

Recruiters will love talently too

We index over thousands of Ethereum and Solana addresses and their web3 resume to help you hire exactly the talent that you need.


Mark profiles of interest with tags and share them with your peers. Search profiles based on their tags.


Add remarks to talent profiles for later visits and exchange them with other recruiters in your organization.

Advanced Search

Talently makes is easy to find talent for your project. Discover top candidates across the whole internet with just one query.

Save & Export in Search

Save your search filters to avoid filtering your preferences over and over from thousands of profiles and jobs available. And export suitable talents from your search in a csv file.

Direct Messages

Connect with talent over the XMTP protocol and reach out to them with a click. Get notified when you received a reply. Also, send messages in bulk directly from the talent search.

Featured Opportunities

Talently lists over 10,000+ jobs from more than 600 web3 organizations globally. Put forth your job listing as featured and make it stand out to candidates.